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Information & Reservation
Sunday brunch at Credo restaurant is designed to your liking. After a long working week, we know that Sunday is a day of indulgence, so we've made every effort to get the attention you deserve. Our mixologist will come to your desk to create for you a unique blend and combination that will satisfy your palate. Our brunch menu consists of all homemade, freshly prepared meals and a new meal each week. In addition to our standard menu, we also offer a selection of meat, fish and pasta. For our youngest guests, we have granted a 50% discount and have a play area, so parents can unfold in the calming atmosphere that is Credo Restaurant! The price includes a welcome drink, a buffet table as well as non-carbonated juices and water. Join us a wonderful week of excellent specialties, flawless and personalized services!
Daily Menu
If you‘re looking for a quality, enticing lunch at an incredible deal, Credo has it covered. Enjoy a lovely mid-day lunch with your colleagues or friends here with us! Working days 12:00 - 17:30 Menu price: 1200 RSD
Craft Cocktails
Join us at Credo for our ‘Craft Cocktails and experience the newest trend of concoctions that are unique, creative, and fun. In Credo's Craft Cocktails, every element is handmade or tailored to each specific drink. These savoury drinks are poured over custom shaped ice cubes, served in distinctive glassware, with mixed with homemade syrups and topped off with a dash of small-batch bitters. Each and every cocktail tells a unique story with all of its elements and flavours. Making crafted cocktails is an art form, albeit instead of colors and shapes, the highlights are the flavors, quality, and attentiveness.